Kitchen for yachts

In 2006 the prestigious firm Meneghini launched its Meneghini Yacht Line, a new luxury brand linked with the design and production of kitchen furniture created exclusively for yachts. These products feature the use of high-quality and ‘alternative’ materials and an almost infinite range of possibilities in terms of customizing thanks to the craftwork techniques adopted in the manufacturing process. The final result is a remarkable level of quality and the care taken over fine detail is perfectly evident. The design concept of the first line of kitchens, created on the basis of a project developed by Studio Hot Lab in Milan, is characterised by minimalist forms, an abundant use of steel and ebony, electrical appliances of the latest generation manufactured by Gaggenau.

The basic dimensions of the kitchen are: 3700 mm (length) x 700 mm (depth) x 950 mm (height). A typical feature of the design is its box-section, single-block unit construction in satin-finish stainless steel, with no gaps (empty on the inside), which, besides ensuring structural lightness, emphasizes compactness. A series of three drawers is fitted behind the first cabinet door on the left and two large rack-type drawers are installed below the sink area. All of these elements are equipped with automatic return mechanisms. The drawers, the large central rack-containers and door panels are fitted with self-locking, dialock closing mechanisms.
Touch-type, opening mechanisms are fitted below the work top so as not to interrupt the smooth, linear effect of the design. A decorative element finished in red varnish indicates the direction in which the elements can be opened. The absence of door handles is an advantage from the ergonomic point of view and facilitates movement around the unit. The baseboard strip is made in polished, brushed steel.